Here’s to ME | 👈

Wow! I feel lost. Without words almost. I don’t know how I let myself stop writing here. I didn’t stop writing of course but I did fall from here sadly. But I’ve felt this pull on me to come back. Its needed now more than ever.

Where my life is right now has me for certain in rock bottom stance. I’ve never needed God, prayer, & to find myself more than I do right now.

See I just went back & looked at my previous post & Damm I miss writing & for real Damm on the fact that though I thought I had experienced pain & hard times, I was wrong.

Theres a chance someone like my attorney or judge or the X’s wife (aka City Sweetie) or the like will see this but here I am the most honest & raw in life & maybe it doesn’t matter if they do.

So for now understand I’m struggling hard, battling a deep depression, & have made such wrong choices that I now have nothing & barely anyone left beside me.

I’m 30 years old & I’m lost. Please Don’t judge me too harshly & understand I’ve been through my own personal hell since February 2017.

15 months of a constant war of different wars! Emotional & wreckless at heart. I’m now trying to pull myself back ☝.

I’m looking for me! And although I know she will be ME….she is different, stronger, wiser, & a hell of a lot tougher!

Here’s to finding me….& what here’s what got me so Damm lost!

| To be continued…|

{ Single Mom Talk }