30 Writing Challenge { Day 4}

Here we are for Day 4 of our 30DWC. Well, lets get to it! 

Day 4 | Write about someone who inspires you. 

I could say a couple different people honestly,  but I’ll keep this post simple. For me someone inspiring isn’t about how much you do or how big of a success you are. It is also about WHO they are and how beautiful of a person you are as well. I have that come to mind and I want to talk about them. 

First is my mother. She has endured much in her life. From two parents that didn’t really know how to be or even want to be parents to almost being killed. Struggling as a single mom, giving a child up for adoption because it was best for him, drug abuse, & a marriage that took the life out of her. She has taught me though to always strive forward and to keep my head up. She has showed me how to survive & deal with stress & pain in a way I can handle it. She isn’t perfect & we disagree plenty but through it all she has a strength that inspires me every day. I hope that I can carry that same inspiration to my children as they grow up. 

I love you mom. 

Secondly, my Uncle B’s daughter, Kiddo (obviously not her name but she will be name that here on SMT). See my Uncle B passed away when Kiddo was just 5/6. She barely remembers the sound of his voice or what he looks like without pictures. Her mom hasn’t been there as she should and Kiddo has lived with her moms Mother. What a blessing it has been of course, because she has had a great lil country girls life.  However this kid has endured practically losing her mother as well, not much connection from anyone on her daddys side, and a constant heartbreak for years. My mom and I have kept in touch and been active in her life but that is just about it for Uncle B’s side. It hurts her. But she keeps on. She watches her mom struggle back and forth and hurts more. She misses a man she doesn’t even remember.  Shes driving now and has her first JOB and lives a good life.  But the pain is in her eyes. She’s an inspiration to me because Im not sure I could have went on like her. Nor do I think I could be such a beautiful person as she has turned out to be. She is but a child tho very much inspires me at 28. 

He would be proud. So very proud. I love you Kiddo & Uncle B. 

So there they are and I love them!  Who inspires you?
Later Loves!

{Single Mom Talk}

30 Day Writing Challenge { Day 3}

Hey guys! I’m back for Day 3! So far I’m liking these prompts they are making me think much like Reverb did and I really like that. So here we go now with Day 3.

Day 3 | What are your 3 biggest pet peeves.

Oh my! I have a lot! Yes I’m one of those people. But I’ll try to give only the top 3!

1.) Liars/Cheaters- I cannot stand people that lie and cheat! I understand that sometimes you have a to tell a lil white lie here n there. We are human and that’s life. However,  I’m speaking in terms of a relationship. It makes me sick!  Romantically there is no reason what so ever you should lie or cheat on your spouse or be lie n cheated on. Its disgusting and cowardly to me. I mean you gave this person your word and commitment to be with them and them alone. Doing this to someone isn’t something they can just forget and get over. They’ll never forget that heartbreak; ever! If your so unhappy that you turn to another person while committed to someone else its simple : LEAVE THEM!  Do not be a coward and do it behind their back. How can you lay down at night with them and know you were in the arms of someone else when they believe to be your only one? How can you look at yourself knowing your lying and cheating on the person who believes they have your whole heart and attention? If you can be brave enough to lie and cheat why can’t you stand up to your actions? No amount of words can fix the emotional pain and horror of what it does to you. I can’t stand to be a part of it and I can’t stand to have of it done to me. I’ve never cheated on a person and I won’t be starting. I know that pain and I won’t inflict it on someone else; especially someone I’m supposed to love or deeply care for. Its disgusting plain and simple. My ex husband taught me that on a level way too deep.

2.) Smackers- Like were you born in a damm barn? Close your fucking mouth! I can’t stand grown human beings that chew so loudly that you can hear them across the restaurant! My children have been taught since they came off the boob to chew with their mouth closed! Its common sense and its manners! Don’t know them? Learn them! Shhhesshhh!

3.) Lastly, people ( mostly women 95% of the time) that can’t dress right! Oh girl in Wal-Mart shows up in see thru leggins four sizes too small with her camel toe front and center and her big ass belly hanging out sideways! Like you can’t be serious! Did you really walk out thinking you look good?
And these men that are of any races wearing those damm pants so slow that they walk like they have something up their ass to keep em up!
I can’t stand it when grown people wear clothes they know do not fit or look right! My best friend, Shay says she can’t take me to Wal- Mart because every time I do I see someone and I am the person that WILL say something to them! She gets embarrassed every time Lol but I’ve rubbed off on her because she does it to sometimes! Haha love ya Shay!

Anyways that’s all for today! I apologize I didn’t plan on going that far into details!,

Later loves!

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30 Day Writing Challenge {Day 2}

Here we are Day 2 of the 30DWC! So I won’t waste any time let’s get started.

Day 2 | Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

This made me think. I mean I’ve had people tell me things about myself a thousand times in my 28 years. My mother has always told me ” Buggsie you are stronger than you can ever imagine. There will be a time in your life; many times I’m sure where your strength will be tested but always remember. You were born a fighter and a born with emotional strength; never forget that.”  So of course that’s always stuck with me, but most things our parents tell us do right?

But it seems that’s the truth. Everyone is always telling me how strong I am and how the admire my strength.

Throughout my life I have seen things that most would never dream of and been through things that would break most people or least turn them out. I’ve seen people do drugs, steal, drink everyday of the week, and at the age of 12 I was offered do a line of Cocaine with my Aunt T.

My whole life I had seen drugs and what they do to you and how the effect you and it is in my blood honestly do them. I mean my father and uncles on his side do them. My mother used to do them and all her siblings have done them. It was my mother’s youngest sister that offered it to me. She told me I could see n feel what it was all about. Why everyone I loved – loved the drugs. Said it would make everything disappear and I’d feel nothing.

That was a turning point in my life. I knew my mother was right. Because most kids at that point would have said yes and did it. But I didn’t and many times after that still wouldn’t. My strength has gotten me through parts of my life I otherwise wouldn’t have made it out of.

So maybe my mom was right. Maybe I am strong mentally and maybe that’s my greatest ability as a person. When I was 23 I got a tattoo symbol for strength on the back of my neck. I’ve always felt it : strong.

I thank my mother for telling me that so many times as a child.

{ Single Mom Talk }

30 Day Writing Challenge {Day 1}

So this begins my first ever 30 Day Writing Challenge (30DWC) for this blog. I need this more than you can all imagine, so the timing is perfect. I hope to learn something about myself at the end of this.

Here is where I found the challenge:

Her blog is fun! Check her out. I hope you’ll follow along and that you will share your comments and links to your own 30DWC with me so I can check them out! Anyways here we go:

Day 1| List 10 things that make you happy.

1) My children – they are my truest most purest happiness.
2) My friends – when everything is too much and I need to laugh or my days are horrid they make my happiness reappear!
3) My mother – I don’t know where I’d be without her! She knows exactly how to make me laugh when I’m scrawling and when I’m pissed! She makes me happy!
4) Books – I get lost in them. I find a whole new level of peace and happiness when I open a book and leave the real world behind. Reading is my escape.
5) Photography – Its unexplainable. Photography makes me feel a passion in my soul. Capturing moments, smiles, emotions, beauty, dreams, hopes, love, sadness, joy, the world as it is in that moment makes me feel almost magical.
6) Music – I listen to mostly country but some oldies and some new hip style ( Adele, Rhianna, Pink, Adam Levine,etc.) Music speaks to my soul- plain n simple. It can change my whole day by one song.
7) Writing – It’s my freedom. I can write anything to no certain person. Just to write and free my mind.
8) Dancing – I’ve always been a dancer and I simply love it. It’s a form of art and expression.
9) Laughing – It makes me feel like a kid again. To just be happy and laugh, it’ll make anyone happy.
10) Summer days – I love summer and the beautiful days of it. So warm and freeing and it allows you to relax and soak up the sun. I don’t know why but summer time makes me a happier person. I guess because I can be outside in the warm weather taking up the summer breeze!

Well my loves that’s the first post of the challenge for me. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you can relate. What are your favorite 10 things that make you happy? Even if you don’t do the challenge, post them here for me in the comments! I’d love to hear yours.

That’s all for now

{Single Mom Talk}


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