Hello 2017! 

Wow. 2016 is over. 


I have never, I repeat NEVER been so ready to put a year behind me. 2016 was a horrible year for me. I went thru things I never thought I’d go thru. I lost people who were very dear me, fought DHR, moved too many times, cried to much, was angry to many times, and faced many disappointments & failures. 

Altogether, it was a bad year. Of course I’m not oblivious to the many blessings I was given in 2016 as well. My health, my children’s health, my family & thier health. Many good memories & laughs. And most importantly my life & those I love lives. I’ll never take those for granted. 

Single Mom Talk

With all that being said I still am glad to see the year go. I feel like with the new year I can have a fresh start and new found outlook. Don’t you? I am able to take a moment to sit back and review the year previous and see what I need/want to change and get my head right again. I so badly needed this new year. 

Many people I follow are delcaring themes for thier year in 2017 for what they want most. Such as the year of Happiness or Change or Success & Love. And for all of 2017 they plan to strive for those exact things the entire year. I LOVE this ideal! I definitely have to get on this wagon and give myself a theme for 2017! 

So what is it going to be? What do I want most for 2017? Do I want Change? Happiness? Success? Consistency? Love? Gratitude? Right now I’m not sure, honestly. I know I want something better. I want things to be brighter and smoother. But I don’t know if, I can put an exact word(s) on it before I make up my mind on it! But I wanted to share the idea! And I hope some of you will do this with me. Tell me what you are declaring for yourself and your family in 2017 & share with me by coming back to post your links so I can check them out. 

I’ll be taking a few days to think on it but once I decide I’ll let y’all know and update you throughout 2017 on how I’m accomplishing it! 

I strayed off a bit last year on my writing and I know I won’t let that happen in ’17 BC I need this in my life & gah I’ve missed it! I have many plans & things to share with you all! I’ll be adding some things to the blog and changing a few things as well. I hope you all stick around to see them. 

Well, that’s all for now! 

💖 Single Mom Talk

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